New Year, New Box.

Posted: December 8, 2012 by Jason in WODs

As some of you may have heard over the past week, CrossFit Woodland is changing ownership. Ben and Stefanie Alderman of CrossFit Gold will now be the owners of CrossFit Woodland.

Sean and Lynsey have enormous heart for the sport of CrossFit. Sean kept our box alive. He provided a roof over your WOD’s, equipment, coaches and all the time he could spare while also running two Dutch Bros stands, with a third on the way. He believes in it so much and wants what’s best for our box, athletes and coaches. Making the decision to pass on ownership to Ben and Stef was the best option for Sean, and ultimately all of us. They are extremely excited about this change and are ready to coach and manage CrossFit Woodland, which will soon be CrossFit Gold Woodland. Sean and Lynsey will still make their way to the box to work out, so the next time you see them, shoot them a thank you.

With Ben’s experience as a Regionals Athlete and his devotion (or obsession ;o) ) to CrossFit, he will make this transition seamless and add depth to our program. Prepare for some programming changes that will get you closer to your goals as a Crossfitter. Prepare for a LOT of new faces. Everyone has something to offer when they walk in those doors, whether it be a coach or a new member. Remember your first day at CrossFit Woodland and welcome them in!

Being with CrossFit Woodland for the past two years, I want nothing but the best for our gym. I have been so fortunate to work with so many coaches and athletes that have each brought and left their unique mark on CrossFit Woodland. I have grown more as an athlete, coach and an individual because of this. Crossfit has changed my perspective on fitness, body image and has given me more self confidence than any other exercise program could. My sole purpose is not only to better myself, but to help others feel the same way about Crossfit and help them reach their goals. I love CrossFit, I love the people that continually walk in and completely annihilate their bodies just to finish a WOD, and I love the satisifaction it brings so many of you.

I cannot express enough how thankful I am to everyone that has remained loyal to our program. Without you, CrossFit Woodland would not be here. Your dedication has truly kept us running. Thank you for showing up, working your butt off, and believing in us. Now is the time for us all to take a leap of faith and begin our new program as CrossFit Gold Woodland.

I love you all so much, thank you a million times more!

-Coach Erica


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