Posted: October 15, 2012 by Jason in WODs

Push Press

For time:

1000m row
30 T2B
40 Thrusters 75/53
30 T2B

This past weekend, I ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco. I joined 25,000 other women running both 13.1 and 26.2 miles. It was an amazing experience! Not only did they hook us up with awesome gear, and an expo in Union Square, it was beautfiul weather in the city and we received a custom Tiffany’s necklace for finishing the race. This race has grown in its 9th year and has become so popular you can only get in by a random drawing. I was lucky enough to get in! It was unlike any other half I’ve done, it had hills. A lot of them! Just when I was finally getting comfortable with my pace, boom. Mile 6-10, hill after hill.

With this race somewhat sneaking up on me, lack of free time, and also just pure stupidity, I did not train at all for this race. When I say train, I mean “run”. I logged a total of 8 miles on two separate occasions weeks prior to the race. That being said, literally halfway through the race my feet were killing me (my running shoes suck), my hips felt like they were being grinded (?) down to nothing and my knees felt as swollen as soft balls. Luckily those hills were almost impossible to run up so I had time to walk and stretch.

One thing I did notice, was that I NEVER felt out breath, I NEVER felt like giving up, and despite the physical breakdowns my body was going through, I ALWAYS FELT CAPABLE OF PUSHING THROUGH. I can 100% contribute this to CrossFit. CrossFit has taught me to have unimaginable will power, an unforgiving mental voice, endurance, stamina, strength and a desire to finish. These are some of the many reasons I do CrossFit. To accomplish something like this feeling unbroken and proud.

Now, would I recommend running 13.1 miles without training? HELL NO! But I do recommend using your fitness in places outside of the gym. That’s what CrossFit is training you all TO DO! Train for life! I love trying new things that challenge me not only physically, but mentally.


Set goals, work hard, reach them, and surpass them. By continually doing this, you and your body can literally do ANYTHING you set your mind to! Like running 13.1 miles without running a single mile in 7 weeks, completing your first triathalon, going for a 5 mile hike or a mountain bike ride. Seriously, broaden your horizons outside of “the box” and you’ll surprise yourself! I sure did this weekend.

Hope you enjoyed.


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