Posted: June 28, 2012 by jsnider85 in WODs

You will all notice some changes coming to the gym. Changes which are going to benefit you the athletes and the coaches. First off there will be a class time change. The new evening class times are as follows : m-t-w-th-fr 5:15 and 6:15. Now for the good stuff. The coaches have noticed that there seems to be a lack of progression in the gym. Obviously the first thing we did was look at our coaching. Are we not delivering the information to our clients? if we are is the delivery not soaking in? we have asked ourselves a bunch of these questions. We want you all to succeed. We want you all to progress. Just coming into the gym and going through the motions everyday isn’t going to cut it. When you come through the doors, you need to come ready to work. We as coaches promise to do the same. If we all come in with the mindset of learning progressions and strengthening our weaknesses, then we will all continue to be successful. However, just coming in and continuing to put the same weight on the bar every day or continuing to do assisted pull ups/push ups is not going to make you better. We are going to be cracking the whip per se. No longer will the athletes be able to take short cuts to have a faster time. FULL range of motion will be enforced. Ego’s will be left at the door. We want to build a community that feeds on competition, but we are not here to just oust someone else by 3 seconds. Everyone is different, everyone has their strengths and everyone was their weaknesses. The only person anyone needs to be in competition with is themselves. I challenge all of you to start from the basics. Let’s go back to the drawing board and build sound fundamentals. If that means you are working out with a PVC pipe then great. We will be demanding safer and more efficient movement from everyone. Once this is established we will be pushing you to become stronger and faster. I want to see more sweat and more drive.

Time is of the essence! if you are late for class there will be a penalty. For every minute you are late, you (the offender) plus all the coaches and athletes or innocent bystanders in the gym at the time you arrive will be performing 10 burpees per minute you are late. So to save yourself from death by burpees and the fact that everyone will be pissed off at you in the class, please show up on time. We want to have a full hour to dedicate to you, so everyone’s timeliness will be greatly appreciated.

Now to paleo, I first want to apologize. I was attempting to test your will by harassing all of you with food porn. This obviously was a bad idea. I realize that now and I will be changing my methods to help support all of our athletes. No more gelato pistol squats. Additionally, this is a paleo challenge, it is 60 days of eating PURE paleo. The only pictures I have seen posted is of paleo cookie, paleo muffins, paleo treats of all kinds. That is not the food you should be eating. When you are done with the challenge then yes, indulge yourself occasionally with a paleo treat. In order to become leaner and stronger you must only be eating meat, vegetables, nuts, and very little fruit. These are the keys to success.

Lastly, I am not trying to sound like a jerk and I am not calling out anyone individually. This is a community, it is on all of us (athletes and coaches) to hold each other accountable and to work together to achieve our common goal of becoming FIT! if you do not share this goal then please do not show up to class. If you have any questions please ask. Now, lets get in their and get some work done! lets sweat, breathe hard, lift heavy things, and become bad ass human beings.


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