Listen Up!

Posted: April 20, 2012 by jsnider85 in WODs

Hey everyone!!! we are back. I know there has been a lot going on the past few weeks. There has been many changes with the gym. Sean and Lynsey Provost are now the owners of Crossfit Woodland. They both have a very strong passion for the gym and a desire to see its success through the years. Sean brings with him a lot of experience as a business owner, this knowledge will serve all of you well! with that said, none of this would have ever been possible if Matt Short did not carry the torch in the first place. You have all been very lucky to have such a solid coach. There was a lot of time and effort put in by matt behind closed doors. All of these hours were dedicated to the athletes in hopes of making you better each and everyday. We will continue this tradition. You can wash away all thoughts of closure, your home is here to stay.

I will be continuing with the programming as I have for the past month or two. So, yes you will all be very sore and probably very angry at me (it only makes you better :)!). We have several new coaches who will be stepping in, as you see them introduce yourselves and make them feel at home. I know a few of these coaches personally and they will be very strong additions. They come with a wealth of knowledge and each specializes in a certain skill set.

We are excited to get things going. Keep an eye out for a new schedule, it will be very simple and straight forward. Be patient with us over the next several months as there will be changes coming, many of which you will enjoy. Let’s be as diligent as we have in the past, lets all show up work hard, sweat, breathe, and create camaraderie. We as coaches will work effortlessly to provide all of you with the best possible experience we only require that you be humble and ready to learn. 

Enjoy the weekend! and get your butts in the gym.

  1. jsnider85 says:

    new class times are posted

  2. mattcfwoodland says:

    Thanks Josh! I’m touched. In a good way of course

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