Don’t get it yet?

Posted: March 28, 2012 by jsnider85 in WODs

I am assuming if you have worked out at all this week then you will have realized the importance of using your hips to generate power. I specifically designed these workouts to instill the concept of full hip extension and explosive movements into those skulls of yours. A very large majority of the movements we do in our daily lives and in the gym requires us to use our hips. Everything we are teaching you in the gym is to help you perform well and live a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym. With that said, we cannot help you if you do not listen to what is being presented. We constantly hammer FULL RANGE OF MOVEMENT. I have seen countless athletes attempting to “better” their time by sacrificing range, these shortened movements will also create a greater chance of injury. I cannot stress to you the importance of making sure you squat the full depth and that you fully extend your hips when you stand. The times or scores on the whiteboard are for you to track your progress as well as create some friendly competition in the gym. The coach’s are going to be hounding you guys in the coming weeks. We will not stop until we have everyone making the effort to use full range of motion. It is our job to help you achieve your maximum potential in life. Help us help you.NOW GET OVER TO THAT WALL AND START SQUATTING!!!!


800 m run

7 deadlifts on 1-4″ platform (275,185)

400 m run

14 DL

200 m run

21 DL

  1. Ben Alderman says:

    I was seeing the same thing at my box for a few weeks. The solution… “No rep. Nope. Still no rep. Nope. Still no rep. Go deeper. There you go. Don’t demo something when I ask you if you can handle that weight, and then do something totally different in the workout. What kind of coach would I be if I let that fly? Well if that makes me a bad coach, what type of athlete do you think I will produce?”

    Nuff said. Usually.

  2. jsnider85 says:

    that’s the truth right there Ben! thanks for sharing man. let’s get a small competition set up before regionals, get all our athletes involved. what do ya think?

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