It doesn’t get easier. You get stronger!

Posted: March 9, 2012 by Jason in WODs


Friday 3/9

For time:
30 Deadlifts (225/135)
25 Box Jumps (24/20)
20 KBS
15 Chest to Bar
10 Pistols, each leg
5 Power or Squat Cleans, at same weight as deadlift

Everything you’ve done this week comes full circle in this challenging Chipper. ATTACK!!

We’ve had some really impressive numbers in this week’s Open workout 12.3, both in Rx and scaled versions. I have to give Jamie props for hitting it Rx, killing the Toes to Bar!

A note about posting scores for this week: To post a score for this week for the CF Games Open, you must attempt the WOD Rx. That does not mean you have to complete a round to post a score. You must ATTEMPT the WOD. If you can get 15 box jumps and 12 presses Rx, but can’t do Toes to Bar, you’re score would be 27 for workout 12.3, not 0. If you don’t complete 1 Rx box jump you would then have to post a 0 score. For our in-house scoring, if you decide to scale then you will do the entire 18 minutes at the scaled version and scored accordingly. This score will go towards our in house competition for awards at the completion of the Open. There will be an adjustment made for those that compete Rx to those who scaled based on a mean score.

That translates to go out and bust your ass in either the Rx or scaled and us clean up the bodies and sort it out.


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