Hurt’s So Good

Posted: March 7, 2012 by Jason in WODs

Wednesday 3/7

















5-3-3-3 Overhead Squats



Back Squats (225#, 135#)

Box Jumps (30″, 24″)

I have seen some serious confidence boosting in the gym lately. I am starting to see that swagger! Everytime someone hits a PR or a milestone it really gives you a boost. Let’s keep up the work and keep making the progression. If you ever feel like you are plateauing talk to a coach immediately, we will work with you to get you ahead of the game…..Our name is getting out there, people are starting to take notice. I have heard some people talking about what we do in the gym. Many call us crazy, they see us throwing weights around, yelling, and sweating all over the place. This is what we do!!! Let’s spread the word, let’s get these people involved. I always hear the excuses….”let me get in shape and then i’ll com in” “I’m too old” “I’m too slow”….these excuses drive me crazy. The beauty of CrossFit is that it is for EVERYONE. We can scale to everyones abilities. So get off the couch, stop the bicep curls, and get in here and really workout.

***everyone stop by Dutch Bros. today. They are giving out their new energy drinks today 3/7. Support our members Sean and Lynsey and the rest of the crew repping dutch bros…….and yes this is me giving you a pass this week for the paleo challenge.***

Paleo Potluck this saturday after the morning wod. Bring some Paleo goodness in. Be warned that Matt and I may be enjoying Non-Paleo approved adult beverages. We will also be taking the after pictures for the challenge.



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