Winner! Winner!

Posted: February 28, 2012 by Jason in WODs



Great job Kyle and Sam on killing the 5 minute challenge!

WOD for 2/28
Run 400m
30 KBS
30 box jumps
30 pull ups
Run 400m

Leader board for the CF Open is up. If you’re name is not on the board we either don’t have a score for you, or you didn’t do it. I know there will be corrections, but let’s get those taken care of as soon as possible.

We want 100% participation for our in-house Open! If you didn’t get in on WOD 12.1 we’re trying to figure out how we can still have you participate, but there will be no CHERRY PICKING WODs!! You are either in or out so decide now. You’ve busted your ass this long, show us what you’ve got!

Talk to your coach for more details on how to opt-in!!

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