The Filthy 5:30!

Posted: February 16, 2012 by Jason in WODs


WOD for Thursday 2/16

Split Jerk 1RM
Push Press 50% 1RM of split jerk
GHD sit ups

We need WODs like yesterday to gauge how we’re doing in our endless search of elite fitness. Its becoming more evident everyday how far you all pushing yourselves to be better. Look back at your journals, 3,6,9 months ago and judge for yourself. The harder you push yourself, the more it pays off.

For those doing the Paleo Challenge, you may have found the Filthy Fifty somewhat challenging from an endurance aspect. Don’t start scarfing down spaghetti and breadsticks quite yet! You are still in an adjustment phase. I’m certain Josh could help you find answers as to how increasing your caloric intake in preparation for extensive work is possible. In other words, how eat right for performance!


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