INTENSITY…why is so important?

Posted: November 19, 2011 by Jason in WODs

You have heard us time and time again preaching INTENSITY.  There is actually a very good reason why we do, and not just to beat you into the ground.

Intensity, by definition, is “exceptionally great concentration, power, or force. The amount or degree of STRENGTH per unit of volume.”  In CrossFit, intensity is defined as “how much effort you are willing to put into your fitness will directly affect the results you attain.”  If you attack your WODs with a great deal of Concentration, Power and Force you will gain a higher degree of Strength per volume, which means you get ” MORE FIT” or “IN BETTER SHAPE” which is why you are all here.  Conversely, if you go into a WOD half-ass you will only be “half-ass-in-shape”.  Sure, doing something is better than eating cupcakes on the couch watching QVC, but most of those people are at Globo-Gym.  You became athletes the minute you signed up.  Your only competition is against yourself, trying to be better than you were last time, making every second count to better, stronger, more powerful, and above all, more CONFIDENT in yourself in that you can accomplish something you never thought possible.

How do you find INTENSITY?  It’s not on the surface.  Intensity comes out when you are pushed out of your comfort zone.  It shows itself in many different forms, but it’s easy to recognize.  It is a personal feeling that only you can find.  For some, it’s easy.  They are just intense by nature and attack everything like it’s life or death.  Others need to work up to it, but once is there, it’s unrelenting.  Most have never experienced the level of intensity, nor wish to find it because it’s scary.  My only suggestion is DON’T BE!  It’s one of the most basic feelings you have.  In CrossFit, when your intensity is high, good shit happens.  You get better!  You get stronger!  You get faster!  You loose more weight!  You look better!  And that our goal, right!  You want to more “toned and defined.”  Work f*ing harder than you did the last time you walked in the door. It will just happen.  If you walk in and just go through the motions, your life will be the same.   

INTENSITY at that level is not comfortable, but it is rewarding.  If you have walked away from a WOD saying to yourself “I could have done one more rep”, “I could gone a little faster”, “I could have lifted more”  you are getting closer to the experience, but are not achieving what your goals.  Use the hour you are in the box to clear your mind of everything else and put all your energy into the WOD.  The rest of the world will be there when you’re done.  Find your inner BADASS! 


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