BTWB Challenge/Yolo Holiday Crossfit Classic

Posted: November 13, 2011 by Jason in WODs

Beyond The Whiteboard is holding a 2 minute Challenge for max reps shoulder to overhead, 115/75#. This week you can replace or add this as part of your workout. Your coach will go over the standards. Since we won’t submit it to BTWB, we will call it our own in house 2 minute challenge and compete against each other. Respectively, of course. Good luck! 

Crossfit Woodland members, remember to sign up for the Yolo Holiday Crossfit Classic on Saturday, December 10th. It’s a minimum donation of $30 and a children’s book that goes towards Yolo County CASA and Trees for Troops. Check the facebook page for more details on these organizations and tell everyone you know. There is a direct link to the registration page on the main blog site and Facebook page.

Or just click here…

Monday 11/14

Front Squat 3-3-3 @ 85-90% 3RM
6 Dumbbell thrusters ( as heavy as possible)
10 Pull-ups
20 Double Unders

New recipes coming later this week. Last week’s was a Zone recipe, this week will be Paleo.


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