Race Day.

Posted: November 3, 2011 by Jason in WODs

Friday 11/4

8 Rounds:
50 simulated sled drag steps
100m sprint

I will time each individual sprint and you will receive an average time/100m.
This will be your score for the day. Don’t worry, I will explain the simulated sled steps. 

I measured it today, 100 meters is a long way to sprint. So bring your racing legs. I would also like to give a birthday shout out to Vanessa Hanoum. Tomorrow is her birthday, so be especially nice to her! Happy Birthday Vanessa. We are glad that you’re spending your day with us at Crossfit Woodland. To everyone that did today’s WOD, good job on the row. That was more mental than anything having the odometer stare you in the face the entire time. A huge percentage of effort is deterred or counteracted by the mind. That mental block can make or break a workout, and make or break athletes. Tell your inner self to SHUT UP and push yourself to your limit. Listen to your BODY, not your mind.

Sweet dreams. Butterfly kips and tricep dips.


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