To Paleo or not to Paleo?

Posted: November 2, 2011 by Jason in WODs

Check out this blog on Paleo nutrition. It shows how it can be modified and not so strict like other forms of the diet. I especially like the umbrella figure which roughly demonstrates how much of each food group to consume. The recipes seem a bit time consuming but then again, you can modify if you don’t spend too much time in the kitchen.
Paleo cuts out grains, dairy and processed sugar and food. It’s sound weird, but it is high in fat, moderate in animal protein and low carbohydrate. Here are some examples of recommended Paleo foods by group:


  • Coconut
  • palm
  • olive
  • avocado
  • animal (bacon renderings, etc.)
  • some nut oils


  • Lean red meat (organic, grass-fed is best)
  • Poultry/Eggs
  • Fish
  • Game meats


  • Fructose is the sugar in fruit. Foods ranked high on the Glycemic Index (GI)* cause an  insulin spike in the body that promotes fat storage and energy “crashes”. These crashes mean your blood sugar drops and you become hungry quicker than if you were to have another carbohydrate source. For the Paleo diet, you want to eat fruit sparingly and check its GI rating. Anything medium-low would be considered a good source. But remember, moderation!
  • Almost all vegetables have low-medium ratings on the GI. They are the go to option!

Do some research if you are interested in this method. See what works best for YOUR body/schedule/recovery/energy etc. It’s not for everyone, so experiment and see what you can or can’t live without. Just another way to challenge yourself. 

*glycemic index
a system that ranks foods by the speeds at which their carbohydrates are converted into glucose in the body; a measure of the effects of foods on blood-sugar levels.

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