Free & Easy? Nope, just Free.

Posted: October 28, 2011 by Jason in WODs

That’s right. tomorrow’s class is open to anyone who has been thinking about trying Crossfit. You really do just have to see for yourself what we are about. You might walk in feeling nervous, scared,or intimidated (trust me, I still often walk through the doors feeling this way) but you will leave feeling a huge rush of adrenaline, satisfaction and accomplishment. Yes, that is how Crossfit works. It’s addicting, it’s invigorating and sometimes nauseating. You will more than likely walk out feeling surprised at how WELL you did. You can’t determine your abilities until you acknowledge them.  Test yourself, push yourself, and motivate others as well. And also, have fun with it!

Tomorrow’s WOD: SATURDAY 10/29

sprint (distance TBD)
4 tire flips (team)
30 push press 75/55 (team)
10 up downs
4 tire flips (team)

Rest is the walk back to the starting line for sprint, start at next 30 sec. interval

I hope to see some new faces. Current members, bring some friends.
Sweet Dreams.


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