You can’t beat gravity, but you can put up a fight!

Posted: October 12, 2011 by Jason in WODs

WOD for 10/13

Speedy Deadlifts 8×3 50% 1RM
Fast off the floor. No jerking! Slow negatives. Cadence on this lift should be 1 count up, 3 count down, repeat x 3

Use days like these to work hard for position and form. Pay close attention to the way you set up, is it the same every time? Feel what position your body is in before you lift. Are you organized and tight? Or soft and loose?

Also, work on some of your problem areas. If you’re done 10-15 minutes early, put some time in on the bars, rings, GHD, whatever. Use your time to it’s full advantage.


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