What’s your “Fran”?

Posted: October 11, 2011 by Jason in WODs

WOD for 10/12/11

Pull ups

The WOD by which all others are measured! Done properly, and scaled accordingly, Fran’s power output is amazing. Results have been measured in terms of horsepower and watts that are similar to those of machines. 745 watts=1 unit of horsepower. For our purposes, set the rower on watts, instead of meters, and see how much work it requires to get even half of that. This is what you should experience when doing Fran. Top athletes complete this WOD in the 2 minute range. Our goal, as novices, should be sub-10 minute. Any longer and you are out of your ability. If you scale it and crush it under 3 minutes, you didn’t go heavy enough or need get off the bands. Find that not-so-happy medium and feel what a “Fran-cough” really is. KILL THE BITCH!!


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