We all love a good fight

Posted: August 10, 2011 by Jason in WODs

Every year in September the CrossFit World comes together for an awesome fundraiser.  Although the beneficiaries may change year to year, the principal stays true: Awesome athletes busting their ass for charity.  Your blood, sweat, and tears (along with a small donation) can help hundreds in need that are part of the CrossFit community.

I would like to get as many of you as possible to participate in this event.  Bring your families, friends, anyone who wants to know why we do what we do.  Depending on the number of participants, the event takes the better part of the day so plan accordingly.  I’ll give you more details as I know them.  For now, get registered by clicking on the link in the sidebar.  Donations usually range from $25 on up and there’s an option for a fundraising page.

For more information on Fight Gone Bad 6 go to http://sportsgrants.org/fgb6/

  1. Matt Short says:

    So far we have 3. Myself, Erica and Nikki. The more the better, so please register!

  2. Do we register under Woodland CF or West Sac?

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