If you say you do CrossFit, are you really?

Posted: August 8, 2011 by Jason in WODs

I’ve had the honor of competing against some of TJs athletes and, I shit you not, they are badass!

Doing CrossFit workouts is only a small part of what CrossFit is.  CrossFit is COMMUNITY!  It’s about all of you coming together for a greater good of everyone.  We are Super Heroes because most of us can do what other people could only ask,  “Why are you doing that?” and only because they can’t.  Everything you do here you should be proud of.  You are training to be better than you have ever been and stronger than you ever were.  Just doing CrossFit will not do that for you.  Being a part of CrossFit will.  Listen to TJ.  So much more goes on behind the scenes that make you who you are than just a score or number.  Stand tall for what you’ve done!  Be CrossFit!


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