Free Class this Saturday at 9:30!

Posted: August 4, 2011 by Jason in WODs

Belated B-day cake from my crew.

I apologize for not posting “No Class” last night.  For those of you who felt betrayed, I offer you hope.  There will be another class this Saturday at 9:30am open to everyone.  I want to encourage all “newbies” to make it, as these classes are usually low skill-high output.  Let me explain.

When you first start CrossFit one thing happens right away: you get stronger, fast!  Your body is not used to the movements and you will see rapid improvements in strength performance.  The endurance part of CrossFit takes a bit longer.  Again, you are probably not used to the high-intensity output CrossFit demands and it will take a little while to “get your wind”.  This is where some new-comers start to falter.  “Yeah, I’m getting stronger, but I just can’t do the longer WODs.”  In order to get the full benefit of CrossFit, you must find a way to complete the task before you.  Only then will be more prepared for the next challenge.  If you allow negative “self-talk” to dictate your performance, you will never be successful, you will never improve, and you will never know the “what if…” factor, as in “what if I finished that WOD and stuck it out.”

CrossFit is not easy.  It requires you to be mentally and physically absorbed in what you are doing to the point your body acts and reacts to what it’s tasked with and for you to push your mind beyond it’s comfort zone.  Anyone who’s been doing CrossFit for 3 months or more has a pretty firm grasp of what I’m saying.  Give it little time and it will give you back a lifetime.

  1. Very betrayed & then haven’t been in wks & look at the WOD 🙂

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