Posted: August 1, 2011 by Jason in WODs

“If it was easy, everyone would it.”  It’s not always easy to find that inner-voice that screams from deep inside you to push harder.  Most of our inner-voices scream at us to quit, slow-down, relax, be careful.  Kick that one to the curb and reach inside your guts and let out a primal scream!  There is not enough cursing, screaming, yelling, moaning, and grunting going on.  There are too many smiles and acts of courtesy going on in the box.  I say stop it!  At least wait until you’re lying in a puddle of your own sweat and then you can encourage the person next to you to join you and have a good group sweat.  I say this, of course, sarcastically.  However, it’s OK to let that primal voice call out.  If you miss a lift, yell at the bar!  If you miss a rep, yell at yourself!  Raise your internal volume!

  1. This is Awesome a pullup without a band! I like what you posted Matt. It’s way to quiet in the Box. No reason to be shy here!

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