The Goat Killer

Posted: July 5, 2011 by Jason in WODs

We all have something we need more help with, generally suck at, or just really hate doing because it’s not fun.  This is a GOAT.  To get the most out of our strengths we need to work on our weaknesses twicce as hard.  We find accessory movements that work the support muscles making us stronger and better overall.  This reasoning is why we only do max loads on certain days.  Everyday we come in and do work we give maximum output, but by not taxing the same muscles all the time, in the same way, we make better gains and see improvement more rapidly.

Today’s WOD is designed for this purpose.  Exploit your weaknesss, capitalize on your strengths and test yourself to your maximum potential.  Above all, learn and listen to your body.  You are all strong.  Prove it to yourself.


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