Child’s Play

Posted: June 27, 2011 by Jason in WODs

The front squat can be a difficult movement to master, even if you’re as bendy as a 7 year old.  Here we have our athlete in a good bottom position, however she’s still a little foward and not quite below parallel.  This can be easily corrected by pushing her elbows up higher and locking the posterior chain.  With the elbows up, chest higher and keeping the posterior chain organized, the body will naturally drop into correct position.  Notice the excellent lower lumbar curve.  Even when she goes below parallel it doesn’t change.  Kids are amazing!








Here we have the Overhead Squat.  Our athlete is in good bottom position, but isn’t quite stable overhead.  By pushing the bar as high overhead as possible, then trying to pull the bar a part in two pieces, we lock the shoulder joint into place and not rely on soft tissue for stabilization.  If not, we get too much movement up top and lose balance.  In the OVH squat once you lose organization it’s very difficult to regain it.  Get the bar up, find the lockout, and hold it.


  1. Dave says:

    Are those official lifting shoes?

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