CrossFit doesn’t end in the Box

Posted: June 23, 2011 by Jason in WODs
Vanessa getting vertical

Click on this article from the CrossFit Journal on good, healthy dessert recipes.

What we do in here only accounts for about a quarter of your overall fitness.  Eating right and adequate sleep or rest account far more than excercise alone.  I love the expression “Shit in, shit out” because it simplifies the way we should think about our diet and it’s importance on performance.  You perform everyday at work, home, school, here, everywhere.  Get the most out of your performance by taking care of the engine that drives you.
Another analogy I like is about nachos.  Especially those of you who have kids in sports.  When you eat nachos you will be warm, crisp and awesome.  In a short time, though, you will become cold, soggy and gross.  Think about what you eat when you’re performing in life.
  1. Kelly C. says:

    Great Job Vanessa:)

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