Posted: June 17, 2011 by Jason in WODs

I can now check the 300# Bench club off my goals.  It has been on there the longest and, honestly, I was losing hope.  Looking back on how I did it, one thing kept coming to mind more than all others.  Confidence.  I was confident today was going to be the day.  It’s not that I was any more confident than previous attempts.  I trusted my training, my programming and, mostly, myself that I could do it.  The two biggest obstacles CrossFit-ers face, especially those that are new to it, are Intensity and Confidence.   

Confidence is all about how you approach a task, situation, or enviroment.  Being confident in an unfamiliar,or uncomfortable, setting will predicate how well it works out for you, whether it’s social, personal, family, work, and CrossFit.  In our particular community of athletes, your confidence lies within your ability to perform a movement.  A lift, for example, requires you to have the mental ability to accomplish the task.  Don’t concern yourself with the physical yet,  just prepare mentally for the task.  Do the lift 1000 times in your head.  See yourself doing it perfectly everytime.  Feel where every body part should be and how to get it there.  Know when to open your hips, where your feet will land, how far you need to go down.  Only then can you begin the physical task.  You can now make your approach with confidence because you’ve already seen yourself do it. 

In CrossFit you will never sneak up on success, nor will it magically happen.  In the box you earn every ounce of success and accomplishment.  You keep journals so you know what you did last time (or you should by now).  When we ask the question, “What’s your 1 rep max?”, you should be able to reply with confidence.  If you’re guessing, or unsure, you will not succeed, period.  Athletes do not guess if they will win.   They’re not timid when facing their opponent.  They know how much they have sacrificed to get where they are and will do everything to succeed.  Some days are better than others, but having the confidence to get back in the game,with the same intensity, will ensure victory.  You are all athletes.  Be confident in your abilities.


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