Look who’s in charge….

Posted: May 15, 2011 by Jason in WODs

Hello everyone, you all may know me as Big Rob, and I’m here to let you all know that the beating will continue until morale improves.

Just kidding. I will be taking on many of the responsibilities of CrossFit Woodland while Matt is on vacation. Please bear with me as I try to juggle the programing for this next week, running this blog as well as my own, and somewhere in there, try to fix our pull-up structure.

Saturday classes will continue to be postponed. If any of you have friends that wish to come try things out have them email me at bigrob.dougherty@yahoo.com.

As mentioned before the pull-up structure is temporarily out of service as all of you badasses keep knocking those pull-ups out like there’s so tomorrow.

  1. matt short says:

    Happy to know someone responsible is taking over. Keep working hard everyone and I’m looking forward to seeing what creative ways you found to challenge yourselves on the weekends. If Megan let’s me I’ll try a handstand on the boat rail. In strength

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