Saturday classes postponed

Posted: May 12, 2011 by Jason in WODs

Saturday morning classes will be postponed for at least 2 weeks.  If you would still like to come in and get a WOD in, let me or Rob know and we can program something for you.  We will be using the next 2 or 3 weekends in hopes of getting the new box operational by the first of next month. 

I challenge all of you to challenge yourselves.  Try something new or do something better than you have before, like run a 5k for time.  On Monday and Tuesday Rob will ask you what you did on your “day(s)” off and write it on the whiteboard.  Challenge someone else to do it with you and see what kind of WODs you come up with.  We put a whole bunch of stuff in your tool box.  Be functional and use what we’ve taught you.  It doesn’t have to be “weightlifting” or our typical stuff.  Pick your kids ups 100 over your head 100 times.  Carry a bag of dog food around the block 4-5 times.  My favorite, go grocery shopping holding a kid under one arm at all times.  5 burpee penalty everytime you drop them.  10 if it’s in the cookie isle.  Even better, grab the heaviest bag of kitty litter they have and carry it over your shoulders the entire time you’re shopping.  Then give it back to the cashier when your done. When other shoppers ask what you’re doing, just say “CrossFit, bitch!” 

  1. Kelly C. says:

    One thing that I like to do after I go grocery shopping is pile all of my grocery bags onto my arms and carry them into the house. Sometimes I’ll have anywhere to 6-10bags on an arm. It looks silly, but my arms get a good workout.

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