I need your input

Posted: May 2, 2011 by Jason in WODs

I’m putting together a WOD and I need some input.  What would, or wouldn’t, you like to see in a WOD?  Be obscure, creative, or just plain mean!  Keep in mind though, you may have to do it.  I will take everyone’s suggestions and get it in somewhere.  Post it in the comments and take credit for your madness!  You really don’t want to leave it up to me, TRUST ME!

  1. Kelly C. says:

    Some things that I would like to try:

    20 Pullups
    30 Pushups
    40 Situps
    50 Squats
    (Either 5 rounds for time, or 5 rounds with 3:00 rest between each round.)


    100 Pullups
    100 Pushups
    100 Situps
    100 Squats

  2. crossfitnatomas says:

    50 kettlbell swings for time 53/35#

  3. Matt says:

    I’m liking it! Remember, it can be ANYTHING!! Think outside the box.

  4. crossfitnatomas says:

    400m truck push, 100 hammer swings, 100m buddy carry, 20 burpee wall climbs (6ft wall), can either be done in a workout or seperate

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