Let’s get back to why we’re here

Posted: April 25, 2011 by Jason in WODs

The past few weeks have been unusual, in that we have changed the way we “normally” should be doing CrossFit.  I found myself programming workouts based on what the CF Open WOD was and forgetting about what CrossFit should be.  This was brought to my attention by Jesse Burdick during the Powerlifting seminar we had at Knockoutz.  We were talking about the programming for the CF Open and I mentioned how I felt it was a good balance across all fitness domains, strength, power, endurance, etc.  He countered by saying, ” it’s bullshit”.  CrossFit is built around the premise of being unknown and unknowable.  By giving athletes the ability to train and perform the workout for six days you are taking the key element of CrossFit away.  Yes, CrossFit has made itself its own SPORT, but the best part of the sport is never knowing what’s next.  The best competitions I’ve been to are the ones made up on the fly or given to you 15 minutes before the first heat.  Unknown and Unknowable reminds us of how we are to adapt in life.  Being able to overcome obstacles that you could never before is what makes you better.  Training for those obstacles is what we are supposed to be doing.  I want you all to be better at LIFE, period.  Along the way we will have the opportunity to participate in some amazing workouts and have some friendly competition.  But we will be getting back to the purpose of why you are here.

I commend all of you who have been keeping up with the CF Open and I know you have seen some dramatic changes in yourself.  We will keep that spirit moving foward with only one week left.  Anyone needing to make up last week’s WOD better get in soon. I will have details on the final WOD, as well as information on our post-CF Open party tomorrow.  Get it and get it done.

p.s. Thanks Jesse for helping me see the light.

  1. crossfitnatomas says:

    Lol…the best ones are the fireworks guy and the dude at the end

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