Plan of Attack for this week

Posted: April 19, 2011 by Jason in WODs

The Open WOD for this week has been posted and it’s nothing all of you can’t do.  Is it tough? YES.  Is it long? YES.  Will it make me better at everything I do in life and will be eternally grateful to the awesome coaching and support I receive everytime I walk in the door?  Duh! Yeah!  This week is Easter and I realize life gets in the way of CrossFit, so if you can make it on Saturday you will get an incredible workout and be able to enjoy the rest of your weekend.  If not, don’t over indulge because i don’t want to clean up ham and potato salad off the floor.

Give me head count on the whiteboard this week if you will be in on Saturday.

Normal WODs this week with some of the Open stuff mixed in.  I want you all to ready for anything, not just what happens on Saturday.  STAY STRONG!


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