Posted: April 15, 2011 by Jason in WODs

After much consideration, pondering and contemplation I have decided, against my better judgement, to offer a optional scaled version of this week’s WOD for the WOMEN only.  Here are the rules for scaling:

1) Each athlete will have to make 3 attempts at 90#, the Rx weight.

2) If unsuccessful after 3 attempts, the athlete may choose the scaled the weight of 75# to complete the 30 reps with the time remaining

3) Once an athlete makes a successful lift at the Rx weight, she may choose to scale the remainder of the reps.  This athlete will automatically be scored higher than those who scaled the entire movement, regardless of the number of Rx reps.

4) The more reps completed at the Rx weight, the better your score will be (ex. 2 reps@Rx + 28 scaled would be better than 1 rep@Rx + 29 scaled)

5) If no athlete makes a successful lift at the Rx weight, then the scaled weight will be the standard weight accepted.

MUSCLE-UPS (for women only) will be broken into 2 parts: Ring Pull-ups to chest and Ring Dips

1) Athletes must complete 10 ring pull-ups before advancing to the ring dips

2) In regards to the starting position on the pull-ups, the same standards as the muscle-up will apply.  Hands must face out at the beginning of each rep.

My hope as that these changes make playing field more even and more competitive.  Good Luck!

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