This is where the line in the sand is drawn

Posted: April 12, 2011 by Jason in WODs

2011 CrossFit Open WOD#4

10 minutes as many rounds and/or reps as possible of:

60 Bar-facing Burpees

30 Overhead Squats 120/90

10 Muscle ups

All reps count toward your score.  You do not need to complete a full round to stay eligible.  For example: 60 Burpees+30 OVH squats+0 muscle-ups= 90 pts.

The rest of this week will be working on getting you prepared for this WOD.  Each day will focus on a particular trouble area of the WOD, with Friday being the day to clean it up.

SUNDAY IS THE KNOCKOUTZ FITNESS CENTER GRAND OPENING!!  We will be doing some demo stuff, and couple competitions of our own.  Mark Bell, one of the biggest names in Powerlifting, will here doing a Powerlifting Workshop for anyone interested.  If you’d like to attend send me an email, or let a coach know and we’ll get you signed up.  This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to know how to get stronger, the right way.  This guy knows his shit and I’m excited about attending.  Space is limited, so sign up ASAP.

  1. Matt Short says:

    Great job on the Leaderboard Kelley! That’s one way to stay in first place.

  2. Kelley says:

    I was going for teachers pet, but 1st will do!! LOL

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