A new week

Posted: April 11, 2011 by Jason in WODs

Hope everyone had a good weekend!  A few went out to see the RiverCats, some of us worked, others just recovered or did absolutely nothing (which is sometimes my favorite thing to do).  Whatever it was, I’m sure it was well-deserved by the effort you all put out Saturday.  Every one of you PR’d in either the Clean, Front Squat, Overhead, or a combination of them which was exactly what we wanted to accomplish.  The best part of being a coach is seeing your athletes succeed and I am damn proud of all of you!

I have no idea what this week’s WOD will be, but you can imagine it won’t be a repeat of anything we’ve done.  If you have something you need to work on tell us.  We train as a group but your individual success is what’s important to us.  I can’t guarantee the workouts will get easier,  but you will get better at doing them.


I will post the new overall scores Wednesday morning.  We will not be scoring by “the most total points” format.  You will be given a number based on each WOD, with 1 being the highest.  So if you had the most rounds and reps in week 1, you will receive 1 point.  If you had the 3rd highest score in week 2 you will be given 3 points.  So the better you do each week, the better chance you have of moving up. 

If you scaled a WOD you automatically move down below the last person who performed the workout Rx’d.  You will be ranked in the overall standings, but will be separtated in the final tally.  In other words, you are not out of the competition if you scaled a WOD.

  1. Kelley says:

    How do I enter my WOD on the leaderboard from sat since it wasn’t a complete round?

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