Let’s get back on track

Posted: March 27, 2011 by Jason in WODs

Rest Day

Chris and Heather are 2 of the most dominant CrossFitters in the world, but they are also human.  Neither one started off doing CrossFit in grade school, through high school, and competed at a collegiate level to become “CrossFit Pros”.  The sport is way too new for that.  Yes, they are super athletes with incredible ability.  They also made the committment to the lifestyle that is “CrossFit”.  Work Hard, Really Hard and enjoy life because you’ve earned it.  The next person who tells you, “Yea, I used to be able to do that”, reply ” if you try hard enough, you could again.”  That’s where you can stand tall after an ass-kicking workout and say “WTF NEXT!  BRING IT ON!” 

Happy Sunday!


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