Posted: March 23, 2011 by Jason in WODs

For Time:

Run 400m

50 Ring/Bar Dips

Run 400m

50 Squats

Run 400m

50 Sit-ups

Run 400m

CrossFit and Firefighting! Like peas and carrots

Fortitude– strength of mind that enables one to endure adversity with courage.
This is what you all display when you walk through the door.  Many of you have no idea what to expect, or how well you will do, but you ‘re here.  That’s courage!  Fortitude is why most people are afraid of CrossFit because they simply don’t have it.  Walking through the door, knowing today’s workout is going to suck and still doing is all the proof you need.  You are heros walking into combat knowing you can beat any opponent you face because you have strengthened what most other will never have: FORTITUDE.
We are going into battle Saturday, regardless of what CFHQ says.  TEAM WORKOUT THIS SATURDAY AT 10:30am.
For those who have not done the WOD #1, get in and get it done!  If you can make it to the BOX you can do the WOD.  No excuses!  Email me with any questions.  I want to see your names on the board by Saturday.  That is all

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