Drinking the Kool Aid

Posted: March 7, 2011 by Jason in WODs

Power Clean

5-5-5 Sub Max Load


With a 12 minute running clock complete:

1k Row

and as many rounds as possible, with remaining time, of:

7 Pull-ups

7 Push Press behind the neck( from rack)

Score is total number of reps completed (14 per round)

If you haven’t already discovered, CrossFit is kind of like a cult.  It’s a bunch of like-minded people, who share the common bond of suffering and satisfaction of knowing they are better than most others when it comes to fitness.  The truth of that statement is held within the programming of CrossFit.  We are better than everyone else because we aren’t afraid to do what is unkown and unknowable.  We excel where most others are afraid to go.  We are not just good at one thing; we are good at almost everything.  And because of what you are learning about yourself, you don’t have the fear to try something new.  Think of one thing you probably would have never done before walking onto the box floor; box jump, below parrallel squat (that doesn’t blow out your knees), pull-up, muscle-up, handstand, olympic lifting, and the list goes on.  You have drank the Kool Aid and are now believers of the statement, “This shit works!”  Welcome to the family.

I can only make statements like these because I was on the other side for a long time.  I lived the Golbo-Gym mentality.  The countless sets of endless reps.  I strapped myself in to the isolation machines and blasted my biceps, ripped my triceps, devastated my deltoids because that’s what Muscle and Fitness told me.  I got big(-ger), I got strong(-ish), and I looked physically healthy.  But, was I Fit?  That depends on how you define it. 

In the broad physical fitness industry, Fitness would be defined in outward physical appearance characteristics and very little with overall health that is measurable and observable.  We’ve all looked at someone and said, “He, or she, looks fit.”   How can we look at someone and judge their fitness level?  Do professional sports teams have high school and college students line up and pick their draft choices based on appearance alone (although, sometimes you might think so).  No, they base their selections on performance and potential.  Without tapping into those two elements, fitness doesn’t exist.  CrossFit thrives on performance.  We are constantly working to increase it by constantly varying what we do.  Routine is the enemy.  We unlock potential by trying new things and practicing the things we suck at.  We move through full ranges to make our body’s work functionally.  We fuel our bodies to work harder and be more efficient.  So not only are we increasing our work potential and performance level, we look pretty damn good in the process.  Bonus!

What is CrossFit?  It’s fitness in body, in mind, and in spirit that you carry with you in and out of the box.


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