This is your box!

Posted: February 28, 2011 by Jason in WODs

Front Squat



1 minute max pull-ups

rest 30 seconds

1 minute max ring/bar dips

rest 30 seconds

1 minute max push-ups

rest 30 seconds

1 minute max GHD/Abmat situps

 ***1 minute of Muscle-ups may be substituted for pull-ups and dips.***

Combine total reps for your score

I’ve mentioned before how CrossFit is community based, meaning it’s success is built on the people participating and spreading the word.  Our community grows when you share your thoughts, concerns, wishes, criticisms because other people see it and decide whether or not to be part of it.  It would suprise me if everyone who looks at the website everyday (and believe me there are a lot) agrees with everything I’m saying so much I leave them speechless.  If that’s true, I’m starting my own cult, so be sure to add me as your primary beneficiary.  The blog is not limited to what we’re doing here.  If something is going on in town or elsewhere, let everyone know.  You’re not afraid to tell your Facebook friends you’re taking out the trash, so don’t be afraid to share how bad the workout sucked, or, god forbid, wasn’t hard enough.  Make this community thrive!

  1. Matt Short says:

    I’m expecting big lifts and a lot of PRs today! Leave it all on the floor

  2. Kelley says:

    Is that 1 T or 2 when I list you as beneficiary? And I will tell you before workout I prob won’t like it but as always I will go as we have such wonderful coaches!!

  3. Big Rob's other half says:

    Matt I think you should require a 5 post minimum each day like CFES does on their blog otherwise burpee’s (however their minimum is 20)that way you guys can get your community talking, sharing and promoting keep up the good work everyone

  4. Matt Short says:

    I couldn’t agree more! But I don’t want to scare anyone off yet. But trust me, the day is coming.

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