Mental strength

Posted: February 22, 2011 by Jason in WODs

1000 meter row

50 Deadlifts 225/135

Pushing through workouts mentally can sometimes be a lot tougher than the physical stress encountered.  We are built to be challenged and our bodies will adapt accordingly through muscle memory and strength.  Only until we place ourselves into an uncomfortable situation do we fully understand our capabilities.  But this where most of us hesitate, if not stop all together.  If we cannot see ourselves succeeding, we fail before ever attempting it.  How do you know if a run is too far, a weight is too heavy, a box is too high,a movement is too fast unless you try it?  The key is to see yourself accomplishing it and playing it over and over in your head 10, 50, 100 times until you convince yourself there is no way you can fail because you’ve already succeeded.  Once you cross that mental barrier, your body will take over naturally. 

CrossFit athletes thrive on mental strength; one more rep, one more pound, one second less.  Our mind demands that our body squeeze out every last drop of energy, strength, and speed it holds.  The reward is in the knowing you are better than you were yesterday and will continue to be.


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