Did I mention competition being a good thing?

Posted: February 18, 2011 by Jason in WODs

Bench Press




Back Squat 50% 1 RM



Ben, I and couple of his elite athlete friends are competing as a team this Saturday in San Mateo at Coyote Point Park.  This event is truly unknown and unkowable to me.  The format is interesting, in that it’s going to happen, no matter what, in whatever elements Mother Nature has to offer.  Performing in an uncontrolled enviroment is truly a test of your training and focus.  So many vaiables happen when you’re outside and the only way to deal with it is to suck it up and push forward.  I will be updating our progress on Facebook on the CrossFit Woodland page, so check in and see what’s happening. 

Free Saturday class is still on, so bring in your friends and family and share the joy!


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