Now you’ll know what all the PVC pipe drills were for

Posted: February 9, 2011 by Jason in WODs

4 Rounds of the following:

With a 3 minute running clock complete

250m row

max reps of Overhead Squats 115/75

Rest exactly 2 minutes between rounds

Score the total number of OVH Squats performed

Greg Amundson is one of the original CrossFitters out of Santa Cruz.  A couple things to notice in the picture above are his shoulders and the position of the weight over the heels.  This is a great example of active shoulders.  When they’re active your body maintains midline stabilization.  So reach up as far as you can, and then some more!

The barbell position is directly over the heels maintaining balance through the movement.  This is essentially taking the bar off you back and pressing it up as you drop into the squat.  It will be difficult, but that’s why you are here.

If you have any flaws in your squat, the Overhead Squat will amplify them and might actually correct some bad habits.



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