Competition is Good

Posted: January 26, 2011 by Jason in WODs


Front Squat



Row 500m

30 Burpees

10 Shoulder to Overhead Anyway (from ground) 165/95

*2009 CrossFit Northwest Regional Qualifier WOD A

5pm warming up

Competition is another essential element to CrossFit in the quest for overall fitness.  It’s what drives us to success and forces us to exceed our percievable limits.  Competition makes us do reps faster, pull harder, run faster, lift heavier and raise the intensity level through the roof.  We keep journals to compete against ourselves by keeping track of past achievments and PRs.  CrossFit evolved from Coach Glassman instructing an athlete in this new concept of fitness and another saying, “I can do it better!”  This is the idea behind 3…2…1…GO!  Push yourself everyday to become better and push harder when their’s someone next to you.


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