What’s next…?

Posted: January 22, 2011 by Jason in WODs

Saturday Workout


20 each of the following for time:


KB Swings 53/35

Ab-mat Sit ups

Box Jumps 18/20

Sumo-Deadlift High Pull 75/53

Start at any station you wish.  You must complete all 20 reps of the movement before moving to the next.  Everyone will do 4 Burpees on the minute, every minute, until all stations are completed.  Have fun!

Congratulation to our first Fundamental graduating class of 2011, Ken and Lori Carter!  They were a little camera shy today but you will see both of them running around the gym floor next week.  Fundamentals is a 4-day course that familiarizes you with the common movements in CrossFit WODs.  We offer the Fundamental course 2 times a week, 7 am and 4pm, or by appointment for an additional fee.  Come by or email for more information and further details. 

Next week we will be entering a new phase in programming so make sure to bring your journals.  And don’t think I’ve forgotten about your goals.  You will be hearing from me soon.


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