Now it’s gonna get good…

Posted: January 21, 2011 by Jason in WODs


Practice something you suck at


For Time:

Row 500m or Run 600

30 Knees to Elbows

30 Burpees

Ken kepping good form late in a 15 minute AMRAP

By now you should all have your GOALS written, right?  Now that you’ve all got the basic movements down the workouts will be getting better.  Intensity levels will be pushed and you will be tasked to bring your game when you come here.  I now have a very good idea what each of you are capable of and will be working to find your limits.

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Nancy!  She jumped a huge hurdle yesterday and is walking, living proof that if you push yourself hard enough you can accomplish what you thought was never possible.  Great job girl!

  1. Matt CF Woodland says:

    I’m still messing with picture size so sorry if Ken scared anyone

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